Lish Davis
Lish Davis-Vanguard Schools SPED Coordinator

Lish Davis oversees the Special Education Department at both the East and West Vanguard Campuses. She is responsible for directing programs that provide educational assistance to children with mental, psychological, learning, behavioral, or physical disabilities within an inclusive environment. Ms. Davis also manages all Section 504 plans to ensure that programs and services are implemented with fidelity.

She has previously served as a Special Education (SPED) Coordinator at the West Campus, as well as a first grade teacher for four years at the West Campus.  While in New York City, Ms. Davis worked as a high school special education teacher at a High School for Environmental Studies and as a private behavior interventionist.  
Ms. Davis holds a B.A. in Psychology from California State University, Northridge. She holds a Special Education Generalist professional teaching license.  Additionally, she has received a M.A. in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado. She recently received a Director of Special Education License from the Colorado Department of Education.  
Ms. Davis and her husband moved to Denver from New York City in 2012 to pursue more of their outdoor passions. They are both avid ultra-trail runners, rock climbers, and backcountry snowboarders. They are rarely seen without the company of their Greater Swiss Mountain dog, Otter.
Magdalena Jovanovska-Ribic
Magdalena Jovanovska-Ribic Vanguard Schools ELD Coordinator

Ms. Jovanovska works as an English Language Development (ELD) Coordinator. She ensures that English language learners receive a systematic and comprehensive instructional model so to promote their overall achievement across grade levels. She also cooperates with staff and teachers to design and deliver meaningful and effective coursework that accelerates classroom instruction, student engagement and collaboration.

Her previous positions as an ELD Teacher Leader, ESOL Lead Instructor, offered her opportunities to work with culturally and linguistically diverse populations where she successfully supported students’ growth in a culturally responsive manner.
Ms.Jovanovska is a fully trained that experienced educator. In 2012, she graduated from the University of Colorado Denver, with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, Linguistically and Diverse Education, after which she joined the APS as an ELA Educational Assistant. She also holds a CLDE K-12 endorsement, English Language Arts teaching license, and a TESOL certificate. As a former English language learner, she has been outspoken about the needs of ELLs and the ways in which they should be addressed.

Magdalena is widely traveled, speaks four languages and is passionate to learn about new cultures.