"Not everyone is obliged to excel in philosophy, medicine, or the law, nor are all equally favored by nature; but all are destined to live in society and practice virtue"  Vittorino da Faltre

Core Virtues

The Core Virtues program is a practical, non-sectarian approach to character education that complements the Core Knowledge Sequence, but was developed independently by Mary Beth Klee, author of Core Virtues: A Literature-Based Approach to Character Education (Link Institute, 2003).  Vanguard implements the program across all grade levels. This literature-based program has as its goal the cultivation of character through the promotion of basic moral, civic, and intellectual virtues. It emphasizes such "core virtues" as" respect, responsibility, diligence, honesty, generosity, perseverance, courage, faithfulness, compassion, openness to inquiry, and humility in the face of facts. It seeks to help children to fall in love with the good and cultivate a vocabulary of virtue. This program represents common ground, and does not include controversial social or political agendas. As with the Core Knowledge Sequence itself, we sought to put something solid, sequenced, and specific in the hands of our teachers.

More information about Core Virtues may be found at www.corevirtues.net.