Mission Statement
"The mission of Vanguard Classical School is to facilitate individual academic achievement and character development through a rigorous, content-rich, inclusive learning environment."

Vision Statement
Vanguard Classical School graduates will be literate in the classics and the ideals of Western Civilization, while valuing the diversity of ideas, abilities, and cultures in today’s world, and will be prepared to contribute meaningfully to their communities.   

Our Beliefs

Every child can learn and deserves the opportunity. We believe that all students are capable and deserving of a free, high quality, broad education. We have adopted a curriculum that, when delivered effectively and appropriately, will enable students of all abilities regardless of race, sex, heritage or socio- economic status to succeed in their continued education and lives.
A broad, rigorous, content-based curriculum prepares children to be productive citizens, lifetime learners and future leaders. The skills of learning, problem solving, and critical thinking are best taught through the content of a body of organized knowledge, modeling and practice. These skills are required to communicate and function in a diverse society.
An inclusive environment values students of all abilities. Important academic, social, and ethical skills and attitudes are developed when students with various abilities, needs, and backgrounds learn together. Supports for students will be delivered in the classroom and in smaller ability groups through the cooperation and planning of the staff using a multi-disciplinary approach.
Character development will be integrated throughout the curriculum. It is our responsibility to educate both the mind and the heart to produce virtuous, educated citizens. A practical, non-sectarian, literature-based program will be integrated into our curriculum to cultivate character growth through consensus virtues.
Active parental involvement is critical. Students and teachers cannot achieve high levels of academic success without parental support. As a school of choice, we believe that parents who elect to enroll their student/s in our school have chosen to play a strong, supportive role in the education of their children. Those parents will find the necessary time, energy and resources to assist the school in educating their student/s. The school anticipates that parents will be directly engaged in assisting with tutoring, reading groups, volunteer activities, coaching, homework, school governance and other areas where they may have specific skills or expertise.
Administrators and faculty are held accountable for each student’s achievement. General education and SPED teachers, together with administrators, teaching assistants, and volunteers, will all work as a team to plan and ensure each students success. Our success will be measured by each student’s success.
English literacy is fundamental to success in all other subjects. Language arts, (reading, spelling, speaking and writing) will be the main focus of instruction especially in the early grades. An explicit phonics program will be taught beginning in Kindergarten.
Student success is achieved through hard work, perseverance, determination and commitment. High expectations produce high results. Students will be expected to demonstrate determination, diligence, self-discipline and perseverance to achieve maximum benefit from the defined curriculum.
Students shall take a defined curriculum and must earn promotion. There will be no social promotion. Defined standards must be achieved to move to the next grade level. Self-esteem is developed through effort, accomplishment and achievement.
A Code of Conduct, consistently and equally followed, will ensure a structured, safe learning environment. There will be a uniformly enforced Code of Conduct developed for the school including a uniform dress code, student expectations, disciplinary policies, and grievance procedures.