ELD is a systematic instructional model designed to develop the English language proficiency of English language learners.  At Vanguard, we have students representing many languages heard around the world.  It is part of our school mission to offer a rigorous, content-rich, inclusive learning environment.  With that in mind, Vanguard Classical School is committed to providing effective ELD instruction to prepare our English language learners for success in our academic program.  Many of our teachers are specifically trained to work with students of diverse languages.  Our goal is to have those students learning English fully integrated in the regular classroom and receive the support necessary to assist each individual to be successful.  

Vanguard Classical School serves over 1300 students on two campuses, with 52% of the students qualifying as ELL.  Vanguard West recently celebrated its 10th year. Vanguard East recently completed its 3rd year and is graduating its first senior class.  Each campus and grade level range is developing an ELD program to suit the needs of its students and community in slightly different ways, but with the same overall philosophy.